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Tooele County School District’s School Climate Surveys 2021

This page is intended to help everyone with an interest in the quality of our schools understand more about this survey project.

How many surveys are involved in the School Culture Project?

There are three student surveys for grades K-2, grades 3-5 and grades 6-12. There is one adult survey broken up into multiple survey blocks covering School Administrators, School Staff (all employees and contractors of the school), parents and SROs (school resource officers). 

How long will it take to complete each survey?

The time to complete the survey will vary depending on the respondent type. Teachers should set aside 20 minutes of class time for administration of the student surveys. The following breaks down the estimated average time to complete:


Avg. Time to Complete

Number of Questions

Grades K-2

2 minutes

13 questions

Grades 3-5

5 minutes

21 questions

Grades 6-12

6 minutes

46 questions

School Administrators

8 minutes

56 questions

School Staff

10 minutes

54 questions


6 minutes

22 questions


3 minutes

35 questions


Will the responses participants make in these surveys be confidential?

Yes. In fact, this project complies with the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, (343 CFR 99.31 (6)) and human subjects regulations (Protection of Human Subjects 45 CFR 46). 

When will the surveys be available to complete?

March 17 to May 7, 2021.

How will these surveys be made available?

Between March 17 and May 7, a web link will be made available to adults through district websites, social media and email. 

During those same dates, schools will schedule time for students to take their surveys in class. Teachers will use a set of specific instructions and scripts in administering these surveys.

How many parent surveys should I complete if I have more than one student enrolled with Tooele County School District?

We would be really grateful if you would complete one survey per school where your students are enrolled.

Will any of these surveys be available in Spanish?

The parent’s portion of the adult survey will be available in Spanish.

What is the history of this project?

For several years, the Tooele County School District conducted its own School Climate Surveys. In 2019, the Utah Legislature passed House Bill 120. This law, in conjunction with related rules from the Utah Board of Education known as R277-325 and R277-623 have led us to replace our old School Culture Surveys with these new ones provided by the Utah Board of Education. 

How will the data from this survey be used?

Leaders at each school will have the opportunity to use the data collected from these surveys to identify aspects of their school culture that can be improved and make specific steps to change as part of their school improvement process.

The Utah Board of Education will use the data collected from across the state to identify statewide trends that they will then use to focus their work in school improvement.  

What are the questions asked in these surveys?

Copies of the questions asked in each survey are available in the links below:

Students' Survey

           Students K-2 Survey

           Students 3-5 Survey

           Students 6-12 Survey

Adults’ Survey


School Staff

School Administrators

School Resource Officers


Can I opt my student out of their survey?

Yes, you may opt your student out of participating in this survey project by completing an online form available at http://bit.ly/tcsdclimate21 prior to March 17. Your student’s principal will be notified of your decision.