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TikTok challenges can result in criminal charges

While the TikTok challenge may seem like an innocent prank to students, it has serious consequences. Not only is the damage expensive to repair, stolen items are difficult to replace during the pandemic. Consequences of these actions can result not only in school penalties but also criminal charges.

Participation in these challenges could result in significant consequences for your student. It is important for students to understand that not only the person completing the challenge, but anyone recording it could also face consequences. Please speak with your child about the serious nature of these challenges and encourage them to speak to a trusted adult at the school if they hear or see anything related to these challenges. We need your help in reminding students to respect their school, their teachers, and all staff members and classmates.

Thank you for taking this matter seriously and for your efforts to help ensure TCSD schools are safe for all students and staff.

Challenges List 

September – Devious Lick Challenge/Vandalize school bathrooms

October – Slap/smack a staff member

November – Kiss your friend's girlfriend at school

December – Deck the halls and show your balls

January – Jab a breast

February – Destroy school signs

March – Make a mess in the cafeteria or courtyard

April – "Grab some eggz," (another stealing challenge)

May – Skip school/Ditch day

June – Flip off in the front office

July – Spray a neighbor’s fence