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Classroom Lessons

Each month I will be in the classroom teaching a lesson on various social and emotional skills to help students become happy productive adults. Below are the topics that I will address each month and the ideas presented for each:
(subject to change based on needs of the individual classroom climate)

August- Counselor Introduction

  • I know who the counselor is.
  • I know where the counselor's room is.
  • I know how to ask my teacher to see the counselor.
  • I know the three things that the counselor must tell to keep me safe.

​September- Community and Relationships

  • I know what my role in my school community is.
  • I know how to become a member of my classroom community.
  • I know how to be a friend to my peers.
  • I know how to have positive relationships within my classroom and school


October- Conflict Resolution/Problem Solving

  • I know how to solve problems with my peers.
  • I know how to tell someone I disagree with respect.
  • I know how to express my feelings using “I statements”.
  • I know how to compromise with others when we disagree on something.

November- Gratitude

  • I know how to enjoy what I have in my life.
  • I know that I should take care of my belongings. 
  • I know how to appreciate the people in my life. 
  • I know and  can list the many things I am grateful for.

December- Empathy

  • I know how to put myself in someone else’s shoes.
  • I know how to recognize someone else’s feelings.
  • I know when to offer my help to someone.
  • I know how to share the feelings of others.

January- Learner Mindset

  • I know how to be a life-long learner.
  • I know that I can try new things.
  • I know that I will learn from my mistakes.
  • I know how to focus on my own results and not compare myself to my peers.

February- Flipping My Lid

  • I know the three main parts of the brain
  • I know what each of those parts are responsible for. 
  • I know how to recognize when I flip my own lid.
  • I know that I can bring my wise owl (PFC) back in charge with calming strategies.

March- Coping Skills

  • I know that there are many ways to calm down or cope with a problem
  • I know how to use at least 10 calm down strategies on my own.
  • I know three coping strategies that work for me.
  • I know how to articulate to a teacher what my coping strategy is.

April- College and Career Awareness

  • I know the importance of 1,2,4 or more.
  • I know what I do in Elementary School will affect my future.
  • I know the relationship between college and career.
  • I know that there are many careers and possibilities available to me.


May- Child Abuse Prevention (taught by TCHD)

  • I know that everyone has a right to his/her body.
  • I know how to describe appropriate/inappropriate behaviors for all types of abuse. 
  • I know the three Safety Rules for protecting myself.
  • I can name 3 people I can tell if someone is hurting me and I need help.