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Small Group Counseling

Group offerings are subject to change based on availability and need of the school. Each group runs 8-10 weeks and will involve 6-7 students at most. Because of COVID this number may fluctuate as TSCD protocols change. Students will need to be away from the classroom setting for these group lessons. Some groups will run at lunch time to help mitigate the time students are away from academic instruction. Each lesson will be 30-40 minutes in length and be held one time per week. The students will be picked up from their classrooms for each small group ran. All groups will be posted on the calendar page so all teachers and parents know which day their students' group is being held. Groups that run pretty continuously are listed below. Once enough referrals for the group (based on student, teacher, and parent input) are received, the group will begin.

If you have any other ideas for groups that you see a need for and its not listed below, lets brainstorm and get a new group started. If one student has a concern, there are usually others with the same concern.


Any questions please let me know

Thanks Ms Courtney

Social Skills-

This group will work on students' social skills. They will learn about making eye contact, interpreting body language, identifying emotions, personal space, being a friend, and joining a group.


This group focuses on making new friends in our school. Students will be able to learn about each other and find common interests.


This group will be split into boys only/girls only and will focus on self-respect, self-esteem, and how to stand up for themselves along with how to be a good friend and work well with others.


This group focuses on students who have had a divorce in their family or loss of a parent or family member. We will work on how to handle those emotions appropriately and coping strategies for when they are sad/upset.

Academic Improvement (5-6th grades only)-

This group will consist of lessons to bridge the gap between work and school. Students will learn skills in responsibility, decision making, and goal setting along with study and test taking techniques. 

Stress Management-

This group's main goal is working on coping strategies and mindfulness. Students will learn mindfulness techniques and other coping skills that will help when they feel stressed or anxious.

Attendance Group - 

Focuses on students who are chronically absent (missing 10% or more of the school year) and works with them incentivizing coming to school Here Everyday Ready to learn On time.

Empathy Group-

This group is for students who are empathetic and need more support in helping the community. We will learn about the Flint water crisis, refugees, Hurricane Katrina, and other problems that plague our society. Students will do a service project at the end of this group.



Students in this group are struggling with anxiety and learn about the triggers for their own anxiety. They also work on different coping skills to help them when they are anxious. As needed small lessons may be taught on certain triggers such as making friends, turning in classwork, speaking in front of the class, etc.